Butterfly Circles


Spiral : 

All around the world you can find the spiral motif, it is one of the oldest symbols for spiritual growth. The connection between ourselves and the universe, the unending source of life.

Circle :

The primaeval symbol for creation and the expression of creative force.

Butterfly : 

Symbolizes new beginnings and rebirth, happiness, freedom and love.

Butterfly teaches us to consciously change our life, create new standards and fulfil our dreams. Each new idea and each step towards self-fulfilment is reflected in the life cycle of the butterfly.

In our circles we offer possibilities and techniques to touch our own heart and to stay in tune with the movement of the universe in connection to all that is. Everyone of us walks our own path and has our own mission in life. It is important to know who you are and what your task is. Connecting to our own passion will provide us with a source of inspiration and energy that spurs us on to live in beauty.

The Sufi say that for every one person that honours his or her purpose on earth, 10.000 others will find their way as well. Imagine the impact if you succeed in living your dream in this world!

Butterfly Circles offers various possibilities to attain your own self-fulfillment: individual sessions, working with groups and travel .

About Iris


When I was a little girl I already knew my voice was special and I dreamed of going to Africa to heal people with my singing. I haven’t yet been any further than North Africa, however, I use my voice to bring about healing daily.

My studies in communication, photography and film and then experience in the movie world where I worked as a sound assistant and later on as a sound engineer movies (i.e. the Oscar-winning Karakter) , tv-series (i.e. Wittekerke) and in filmstudios (dubbing Disney Pictures) further deepened my understanding of the gift of voice and sound vibrations.  I discovered the many levels of voice and sound for expressing who we are. The human voice became my passion and I started listening past the audible until I was able to hear the flow of energy within the body.

I also travelled around the world to study different cultures and to record voices, sounds and music. Wherever and whenever I could I would observe rituals of earthbound people and also took part in traditional singing and dancing ceremonies. I noticed that the voices of these “earthed” people were so harmonious and pure that the overtones were much more noticeable and I realized this was not readily heard in our western civilisation.

Over the past  twenty-five years my research, lived experience, and practice have yielded very effective and easy to use techniques to strengthen the harmony of living organisms. They have their origins in what was handed down to me by my grandmother as well as numerous philosophies and holy knowledge of shamans, priests and priestesses, monks and nuns.

It is my passion to support people on their life journey towards harmony, freedom and restoration of well-being. It is also my purpose to bring together individuals in groups using the sacred circle to open and harmonize our heart waves through sound in order to bring healing to the earth.

My workshops, circles, travel journey’s and therapies are for those looking to find his/her natural well-being. I take people on a journey to delve deeper and deeper towards their truth in order to unleash the harmony and life energies within and materialize their dreams.

Training and courses:
Communication Hiepso Kortrijk
Film and Photography Kask Gent
TV and Filmsets, dubbings for animated films, directing actors in studios.
Emotional bodywork, workshops bio-energetics, breathing,yoga, tantra, relations, rebirthings
Training Ceremonial Leadership (Ike West)
Training Sound Daoyin (Dr Shen)
Training SoundHealing in USA (Jonathan Goldman)
Workshops with Mantak Chia, Grandma Marie (South Dakota), Grandma Lolita (Mexico), Chris James, Gabrielle Roth, Y&S Darling Khan, J Horan

Work experience :
25 years working with human voice – coaching in various big filmsets around the world
12 years of engaging in healing (Healer in Native American Arts), soundhealing (certified Soundhealer), moon lodges, group circles and individual therapy.
12 years founder and director of Butterfly Circles
12 years organizer, dancer and singer at various festivals, events and small venues.
12 years teaching experience in dance and voice workshops at home and abroad