Energy healing therapy


Complete healing of the energy flow which is essential to your health and personal well-being.

We exist out of many forms of energy that flow through and around our physical being. There’s a continuous interaction between all these energy forms and all of the visible and non-visible lifeforms in the universe. Health issues, for example, manifest themselves first in the etheric body before presenting themselves in the physical body. Around  our physical body there is an energetic layer called “the blueprint” which contains information about health issues or blockages who have not yet manifested.

During a first visit this blueprint is going to be thoroughly read so the right information can be used within a healing-session. Blockages will be cleansed, as well as chakra’s and the negative energy of places and other people that don’t serve you.  At the end there will be a harmonization so that your body will be ready again to feed itself with healthy energy/information.

Afterwards there will be given advice and, if needed, some additional exercises or vocal medicines.

If we can work on this process together, chances are many health issues will not manifest.

Price:  60€/hour

Contact info:  or  0477/31 60 95