Glastonbury – Avalon (for women)

The awakening of the priestess .
spirituele reis Glastonbury

As spiritual activists we do the work of the Divine in the world an we remember how to radiate blessings around us. During this trip we pratice self-love as a devotion to the Goddess, as a vessel of Eternity.

We are artists of service and healing and we will sing and pray on the roads and in the temples of Avalon. It is a journey of spiritual evolution and it will open the portal of your heart, deepen your knowing and expand your reality. This trip develops your direct intuitive knowledge of Source.

spirituele reis Glastonbury

Ceremonies op krachtplaatsen

Glastonbury is identified as the ancient and mysterious Isle of Avalon where King Arthur was taken to be healed of his fatal Battle wounds. Glastonbury lies in the middle of Somerset, miles from the sea. Avalon was the Otherworld home of one of the Celtic Otherworld Gods, Afallach. The name relate tot the Apples that grew on this mystical land. Among the ancient Celts, apples were believed to have magical healing properties and the property of rejuvenation

We will work and visit  :  Chalice Well, the gardens, The Tor,  Stonehenge and Avebury, Glastonbury Abbey …

When :
Were  : Glastonbury – Avalon
Fee :  800  euro (workshops-bed and breakfast)
(travel and meals are not included in the price).