Weekendworkshop – Masculine and feminine energy


THE JOINT WORKSHOP “ Masculine and feminine energy coming together”

This workshop is based on the masculine and feminine energy working together.
Toroa Aperahama will lead the men and Sharon Healey will lead the females, then they change places and work with the opposite groups.
Allowing both groups to get the balance of the energies and free speak.
Afterwards we come together as one and we will have them communicate with each other.
This is very empowering for couples or individuals.
Learning to communicate with each other with these energies and embracing their physical energies they have been born into today.
Allowing them to accept both energies within their day to day life and knowing it is alright to embrace both energies in every day life.

12 women and 12 men.

Practical info:

English spoken

Lunch : potluck meebrengen voor de lunch
Date: 12 & 13 may 2018
Time: 10am till 5 pm
Price: 200 euro
Maximum 12 women & 12 men
Place : Butterfly Circles – Geertskouter 18 – 1730 Asse, Asbeek

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