Shipibo Elder – Donna Juanita comes to Butterfly Circles

3-4-5 december 2018

“I still remember my grandmother singing and soothing me when I was a child with her beautiful healing Ikaros. Now as a Mother and Grandmother myself I feel happy and proud to be able to continue to share these healings with my children and grandchildren using the same beautiful Ikaros”.

“In the hands of women there is tenderness, there is strength, there is love,
there is the great medicine, which she receives through the blessing of
Sacha Mama, our Mother Jungle, who nightly teaches us the healing Ikaros”

When she was a child Doña Juanita was chosen to take part in the ceremonies and to learn from the ancient, wise Shipibo-Conibo healers, a native group from the Amazon Rainforest of Peru. This extraordinary group are named ‘the astral travelers’. Since their first encounters with civilization, they have shared with the world their mysterious and sacred geometric designs. They paint them onto their faces, their bodies, their vessels and also on their clothing.

A true spiritual art that can only be visioned by the Spiritual Masters during intense ceremonies. It allows everyone who receives and uses it to enter into a deep spiritual journey, an indispensable purifying process for the increase of our life energy.

Doña Juanita will leave her medicine garden in the Amazon for the first time ever to make a journey through Europe. She will share all the ceremonies and healings that she performs with great tenderness through her loving Ikaros, her curative songs, which she learned as a child. She will also hold womens circles, a sacred time to create the traditional Shipibo-Konibo paintings, (the mysterious, sacred geometric lines, designs and forms that are received during her ceremonies.


Ceremonial Workshop
Astral Journey – The Art of Cleaning the Energy of Life

Tuesday, December 04 – 2018 – 11:00 to 19:00

According to the Shipibo-Conibo Masters (Amazon native group) the impurity of our Astral Body can directly influence our traumas, and this is reflected in our character, feelings, emotions and actions and can often lead to a negative chain of fear, feelings of rejection, guilt, anger and especially to dis-ease (it’s no coincidence they are called diseases).
In this Ceremonial Workshop Doña Juanita will share her extraordinary teachings on the purification of the Astral Body. It will be a day filled with healing through her Ikaros (sacred songs). She will also paint the faces and bodies of the participants, using a natural paint which has been used by the Amazonian natives for thousands of years and which allows us to enter a wonderful state of harmonious spiritual restoration both with nature and with the universe that surrounds us. This is a non-permanent, temporary ‘paint’. There will be also a time where participants will be part of individual and group cleansing dances under the guidance of the ceremonial songs of Doña Juanita.

A representation of a Shipibo-Konibo Woman Healer
(Please note no liquid will be ingested during this ceremony)
(Participants should bring swimwear and a large towel)
(No preparation is necessary)

Price… Euro 110

Painting the body for an Anstral journey

Workshop – Sacred Circle of Women
Wednesday, December 05 – 2018 – 11:00 to 19:00

We are privileged to share this extraordinary day with you. Doña Juanita will hold an exclusive ceremony for women, a sacred circle of women’s medicine.

Participants will be taught Amazonian healing techniques to enable them to access their own personal inner world. Many of the diseases and physical issues we experience stem from an energetic imbalance that can manifest in the emotional level-body, the mental level-body and more often than not in the spiritual level-body. This can ultimately lead to a block in the sexual level-body. Most healers feel that as the female sexual level-body is very sensitive it is in need of extra-special attention to keep it in balance.
In this powerful circle of sacred female energies, participants will learn healing Ikaros and dances to help them open energetically to the mental, emotional and spiritual body. Doña Juanita will also perform an energetic cleansing which will help to restore the energetic balance of the other levels-bodies such as the physical and sexual. This will result in the recipient being more in balance with the force of their life energy and they will also experience a unique, revitalising awakening.

Water ceremony and connection with the universe

Women Sacred Circle

Please wear comfortable clothes and if possible bring a skirt (optional) to be worn in the ceremony. The Shipibo people believe that when you wear a skirt (and this applies to both men and women) you are closer and more directly in contact with the healing energies of Sacha-Mama.

Price: Euro 110

Practical  info:
venue : Butterfly Circles – Geertskouter 18 – 1730 Asse, Asbeek.
date : 3 – 4 – 5 december 2018
Teacher: Donna Juanita (Shipibo elder) & Richard


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