“Nada Brahma” – The world of sound!

Sound Healing, a vibrational therapy and is the use of sound to create balance and alignment in: the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional body.
The sound may be applied by an instrument or by the human voice.
While the use of sound and music for healing is ancient and can be found in many spiritual and sacred traditions, “Sound Healing” is a relatively new modality in the traditional (allopathic) and complementary healing arts. Since sound can potentially rearrange molecular structure, the possible healing applications of sound are limitless.

In this training you will learn how to use the greatest instrument of healing, your own voice.

the topics are :

✓ The principles of soundhealing.
✓ Eartraining.
✓ Cymatics.
✓ The spirit of sound
✓ Mantra’s.
✓ Breathing Techniques.
✓The organs-sounds.
✓Sonic body analyse.
✓ Soundtherapie with voice
✓ Tuning
✓shamanic soundhealing
✓ Bija sounds.

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