sound healing

Soundhealing is the use of the power of sound to bring harmony and balance to an organism. Soundhealing is one of the oldest forms of healing. Since the beginning of time people use sounds as a medicine and soundhealing was an important part of the esoteric mystery schools in Egypt and later in Greece (see Pythagoras). Many nature tribes understand the laws and forces of sounds and use them in a daily context.

Today, soundhealing reappears in our modern world through Quantum Physics and the young Scientists. Some renowned hospitals already use soundhealing in their treatments. Soundhealing offers us a natural healing method to treat pain and disease and so also a way to sing yourself in health, in trance or in higher places. Here in Butterfly Circles we work with the unique power of healing that is present in our voice.

The voice is the only instrument made by God. All other instruments were made by man.

– Sufi saying

A session of Sound Healing will facilitate you to restore the natural harmony of your body by clearing old blockages and helping you find your natural alignment. Through a guided session each person will awaken the power of his/her own voice in balancing the bodies energy fields.  You will explore your voice’s clues as to attaining your natural well-being. When we are healthy and fully in our own power our body’s instrument sounds heavenly. When we are ill or in discord it will be out of tune.

Sound Healing can be used for the treatment of physical, psychological and/or emotional issues. It can be applied on anything from broken bones, allergies, rheumatism, blocked energies, chronic pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, to fear, depression, stress and relational issues.

Come discover how to bring more harmony to your own life as you learn the ways to adjust a string for greater well-being and joy. As you gain your balance and uncover your power those around you will also benefit in a positive way.

Price : 60 euro per hour (by appointment)

Contact info: or 0477/ 31 60 95