Spiritual journey through Peru

This Journey will take you  into the enigmatic Andean  world , learn and be part of the Andean cosmovision. that will let you  see and connect with sacred places  such as:

Mt. Salkantay (6271 meters), a highly revered sacred peak for the Incas.  Salkantay and Ausangate (to the east of Cusco) were believed to be the parents of all other mountains and therefore sacred places in the Andes. They were also the deities connected with weather, fertility, healing and warfare. Salkantay is an imposing mountain that will come to fill your vision and thoughts.

Machupicchu an impressive Incan Sacred Temple that was nestled on the peak of the Machupicchu Mountain; the surroundings are just mystical and magical to place such a marvel.

Lake Titicaca the great “Qocha Mama” or Mother Lake was seen by the Natives as tutelary god , bringer of life. The Altiplano was the cradle of the great civilizations such as Tiahuanaco and Pucara  cultures and the subsequent  raise of the largest empire in South America the Incas.

This journey will take you to your essence of being. Your light being will shine and be remembered by your personal you in all the tempels and sacred valleys we will visit and work with.

Peru : 2- 16 september 2019

Machu Picchu, Cuzco, Sacsayhuaman, Wiraqocha, Lake Titicaca


Day 01 – Arrive to Lima
We meet on arrival and provide transport to your hotel in the district of Miraflores.
Overnight at selected Miraflores Hotel

Day 02 – Cusco the capital of the Inca Culture
Breakfast at your hotel
Your local guide will contact you at The Cusco city airport and transfer you to your Hotel in Cusco. As this is your first day in altitude we recommend you to relax and rest for a while,
and have just a soft lunch ( on your own). At 13:30 pm in the early afternoon experience the Cusco city tour that includes the visit to impressive Incan temples & ceremonial sites around Cusco city such as Sacsayhuaman( temple of the thunder) and its megalithic constructions, Qénko (ceremonial site), and TamboMachay a temple dedicated to the water. Then visit the Cathedral & observe some of the finest Inca stone work at the Koricancha, Temple of the Sun, the holiest Incan ritual site in the area. Return to your hotel and free time at leisure to explore the Ancient capital of the Incas, its picturesque streets, souvenirs shops, splendid Cusco restaurants. Don’t forget warm clothing.
Overnight at selected Cusco Hotel

Day 03 – Sacred Valley of the Incas
Breakfast at your hotel
At 8:00 am to start the day tour, we travel to the Sacred Valley of the Incas, the amazing landscapes and Andean mountains views accompany us in our journey, as we see traditional villages and farming scenes. Continuing with our tour we will be part of a particular experience in the town of Chincheros, a site famous for its textiles and with a mix of pre-Inca, Inca and colonial constructions, we will participate in a wonderful introduction and learning experience of the art of Andean textiles. Finally you will have time to walk around its main square. We continue toward the astonishing and mysterious Moray’s archaeological site built by the Incas, a display of terraces which are carved deep into the land, an energetic site, where will participate on a ceremony of connection with the Mother earth.
In the afternoon we go toward to Ollantaytambo Village an authentic Inca living town we ascend to The Ollantaytambo ruins an outstanding ritual site, formed by enormous beautifully carved stones and wonder how come they could transport megalithic blocks at such a location. Visit the Temple of the Sun, and the temple of the Amauta and get the teaching of the Andean cosmovision, the three levels on the Andean World.
Overnight at selected Cusco Hotel

Day 04 – Trek to Apu Salkantay the Sacred
Mollepata – Soraypampa – Humantay Lagoon– Salkantaypampa (campsite)
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Early morning we will pick you up from your hotel and will travel by private bus approximately 3 hours to the beginning point of our trek in Soraypampa (3,800 msnt). We will start the hike, firstly ascending 300 meters uphill, along the way you will see the
impressive mountains Apu Salkantay 6,271), “ The great spirit” and Apu Humantay (5917) , they are considered Apus (it means spirits of the mountains, such us protectors). You will ascend a moderate slope for 2 hours until we reach Humantay Lake (4,300M, 14,107Ft), from this point you will enjoy an astounding view of the peaceful and turquoise lake, which is lay at the base of Humantay glacier, also you will have time to take a rest and explore the area. After some free time, we will continue our downhill trek to comeback Soraypampa, offer us panoramic view of the Andean Valleys. Stop for lunch. Later we continue and reach our camp Salkantaypampa (4100 m – 13450 ft) on the skirst of Apu Salkantay where our trek team await for us with the dinner under the bright stars.
Distance: 6 Km.
Walking Hours: 4-5 hours
Low Altitude: 4200 m. / 13780 Ft.
High Altitude: 4480 m. / 14698 Ft.
Campsite Altitude: 4100m. / 13450 Ft.

Day 5: Salkantaypampa – Waraqmachay – Chalhuay (campsite)
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
A energetic breakfast will prepare us to start early our trek, it is important to recharge energy because we will have a long climb, this day we will pass the highest point of the trail in Humantay Pass (4630 m – 15190 ft) it lasts approximately an hour and half, the pass is the perfect place to see the mountain ranges with snow-capped mountains, all of them considered sacred by local people, they are called Apus (Apu means spirit of the mountains, guardians), the view will be unforgettable. Afterwards, we continue walking around the Apu Salkantay, on the way we will see the beautiful Salkantay Lake and archaeological site of Rayanniyoc (3350m – 10990 ft), the highland environment will be changed for the jungle area, where we will see vast vegetation and forest, moreover a variety of birds and orchids, we recommend you to carry lightweight clothing especially for this change, we will go down through the forest until to reach to the campsite, Challhuay (2900m – 9514 ft)
Distance: 11 Km.
Walking Hours: 7-9 hours
Low Altitude: 2950 m. / 9678 Ft.
High Altitude: 4600 m. / 14993 Ft.
Campsite Altitude: 2900 m. / 9514 Ft.

Day 6: Challhuay – Playa Sahuayacco – CocalMayo springs
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
After the breakfast we will get ready to start our hike, this day we will be hiking through the forest (a semi-tropical area), this area is characterized by humid weather, plantations of fruits and coffee, this day is recommendable to use insect repellent (there are many mosquitos). We continue descending, along the way we visit some communities, who are producers of coffee, and find an attractive waterfall, also pass Collpapampa (2850m – 935 ft) and La Playa Sahuayacco (2064 m – 6771 ft) where we have lunch near the river. In the afternoon our transport will take us to Santa Teresa , and enjoy a relaxing natural baths at hot springs in CocalMayo. this will be the last night with all our trek team, so it will be spent sharing good memories and trying a delicious dinner.
Distance: – – – Km.
Walking Hours: 5-6 hours
Low Altitude: 2000 m. / 6561 Ft.
High Altitude: 2900 m. / 9514 Ft.
Campsite Altitude: 2000 m. / 6561 Ft.

Day 7 : Santa Teresa to MachuPicchu Village
Breakfast and Box Lunch
Our private bus will take us to Hydroelectric station , begin the last part of the trek, 2 hours hike towards Aguas Calientes town, last day hiking through different scenery full of different experiences since we will walk following the Urubamba river which surrounds Machupicchu, we will also have the option to visit Mandor, splendid waterfalls.
Overnight in a Hotel in Machupicchu town

Day 08 – MachuPicchu the Temple – the Perfect Harmony
Staying in Aguas Calientes town gives us the option to reach to the temple of Machupicchu early in the morning. We will have a 3 hour guided tour through this true marvel of the ancient world. Visit its many ritual temples like the Condor, Sun, PachaMama and observe the exquisite Incan architecture amongst a surreal environment formed by the surrounding mountains of “Llanatin-Masintin-the Priestess, Putucusi, Huaynapicchu Mt. our Q’ero Teacher will do the last ceremony a lovely moment to express gratitude. Bus back to Aguas Calientes. We take the afternoon train / bus to Cusco.
Overnight at selected Cusco Hotel

Day 09 – Cusco
Free day in Cusco to recover from the trek, relax and get ready and for the next journey into the Titicaca Lake in the Bolivian part.
Overnight at selected Cusco Hotel

Day 10 – Cusco – Puno Lake Titicaca –
Breakfast and Lunch
7.00 am depart from Cusco. Along the way will visit ANDAHUAYLILLAS CHURCH. Considered to be the Sixtine Andean Chapel of America, on the picturesque village of Andahuaylillas ,
this small church holds one of the most impressive examples of the colonial architecture and paintings Rajchi & the temple of Wiracocha. – a walled archeological complex formed by 14 smaller temples, 150 large circular buildings used as storages, and the large Wiracocha temple. unique in its type la raya pass.- this is the highest point along the trip, (4312 meters above sea level) it is where the Vilcanota river born and later forms the sacred valley of the incas. Sicuani, on this country side city we enjoy a buffet lunch which will give you a taste of the exquisite peruvian cuisine. Pukara, pre-inka archeological complex formed by semi – subterranean temples and stepped structures and monoliths, guided visit to the museum. it is the oldest remain on the region, 2000 b.c. still an enigma for the peruvian archeology. We then reach the city on the shores of Titicaca Lake where the legends tell the first Incas emerged. Meet on arrival in Puno and transfer to your hotel.
Hotel at selected hotel in Puno

Day 11 – Puno /Amaru Muru Dimensional Gate and Titicaca Lake –
Breakfast , box Lunch
Early departure by private bus to the southern to visit “Ahayu Marca” or the “ village of the spirits”. There , amongst splendid rock fomatios we search for hidden symbols od the snake Puna Condor and the enigmatic interdimensional gateway of Aramu Muro , which is the bridge ot unique mystical experiences and to parallel dimension. We perform practices to renew energies and a ceremony of communion with Mother earth. Typical Lunch or box lunch. Our pilgrimage continues to Chucuito to visit the famous temple of fertility that is surprising for its phallic sculptures and the sacred geometric hidden in its proprotions,
Our bus will take us to the Bolivian city of Copabana with an extraordinary view of the Titicaca lake, we make a transshipment on the Kasani border.
Overnight in Copacabana Hotel Gloria or similar

Day 12 – Titicaca Lake & Sun Island
Breakfast, lunch and dinner
Lake Titicaca the great “Mama Qocha” or Mother Lake was seen by the Natives as tutelary god , bringer of life. Early we started a spiritual journey to explore old centers of power, by boat we visited the area North of the island of the sun, walk towards the rock of the Origins “Taypicala” (Fundamental Stone), we remember to the races of giants, teachers who according to legends, they inhabited this magical place. Visit the Labyrinth. Lunch at a local restaurant. In The southern part of the island visits the Pilkokaina temple and accommodation in the Yumani community.
Dinner and a hostel with fantastic views of the
mountains and the lake Titicaca

Day 13 .- Sun Island / Moon Island /Sun island
Breakfast , lunch and dinner
Early we visited the enigmatic temple of the Virgins of the Sun on the Island of the Moon. This place Wonderful invites us to contact the female spirit of the Sacred Lake and is considered one of the strongest energy points on the planet. Return to the Isla del Sol.
Overnight in Yumani community

Day 14.- Isla del Sol / Copacabana / Puno / Apto.- (B).
Farewell ceremony and return to Copacabana town last spectacular view of “Mama Cocha” Lake Titicaca and then by bus to Puno and then Airport to take your flight to Juliaca.


When : 2 till 16 september 2019

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