Toroa Aperahama  – De Power of Men 

Raised and taught the traditional ways of his Ancestors by his Beloved Grandmother Te Wharehau, Toroa Aperahama is a New Zealand Maori Jade, Bone and Timber Carver (Kai Whakaiiro) currently touring Europe. His Traditional and Contemporary style carvings range from small pendants through to large carved artworks, many of which are now part of private collections Worldwide. He has worked directly with his Tupuna (Ancestors) all his Life and walks both sides of the Physical and Spiritual Worlds… (Te Taha Tinana – Te Taha Wairua). Each Taonga (Treasure) he creates has had Healing energies “breathed” into it and on completion is Blessed in the Moana (Ocean). Toroa now wishes to share his knowledge with the World through the stories his Taonga tell.

“The Power of Men ”

Men’s Circle from a Maori perspective…

Roles and responsibilities…
Hard and soft…
Managing Te taha Wairua (feminine/spiritual side) and Te taha Tinana (physical side)
Respect for all

Tribal life/Men’s roles before the arrival and introduction of religion

The way forward

Practical info:

Date : 25 may from 8 pm till 10 pm
Tijdstip: 20u tot 22u
Fee : 25 euro

address : Butterfly Circles – Geertskouter 18 – 1730 Asse, Asbeek

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