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The moonlodge is a dwelling place of ancient female wisdom to inspire and empower, to love and heal, to nurture dreams and give birth to the new earth.

“We are being asked to honor the gifts of womankind and to call on the strength of our sisters in order to discover ourselves. The circle will come full when every human can see the beauty within the Self, as well as in all others. The transmutation of competition, separateness, hierarchy, jealousy, envy, manipulation, control, selfishness, greed, dependency, old wounds, and self-rightousness must be accomplished before we will come to wholeness. These attitudes are the enemies of humankind and are found within the Shadow-self, rather than outside ourselves.”

“As more women take their roles in the modern world of corporations and business, they often find themselves losing touch with the feminine. This is almost expected since the corporate work force is dominated by men. The role models of the ancient clan mothers can assist these modern women in maintaining their sense of Self and enable them to become leaders through example rather than through competition, backstabbing, or conquest, but the challenge to accomplish these goals depends upon the strength of the Sisterhood.”

~From the wonderful Jami Sams and her book, The Thirteen Original Clan Mothers

Data in 2021 : 11 feb, 12 mrt, 13 april, 11mei, 10 juni, 9 juli, 9 augustus (onder voorbehoud), 7 sept, 6 okt, 4 nov. 3 dec.

Time: from 8pm untill 9:30pm

Price:  22 euros

Contact info: or 0477/ 31 60 95