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Economy of the future

Transform your business with grace.


What is your purpose in this life and are you attuned to your highest potential?

Is your company the mirror of your heart?

How is your company growing and how is it moving in the new economy of this world?

Are you an (h)earth based company and are you willing to use your talents to motivate people in a way that fits with the new circular leadership of our time.


"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then you are a leader."

John Quincy Adams

Economie van de toekomst

Economie van de toekomst

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Economy Of The Future

Economy Of The Future

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Bring back the core spirit of your company

Four steps for the CEO in combination with an analytical review.


We follow the medicine wheel methodology to bring more spirit to the company (movement, abundance, success):  


1) Sensitivity and Emotional Engagement 

2) Physical Movement - Analysis 

3) Creative Visionary Experience 

4) Mental Outline Vision  



We adapt our trajectory according to the needs of the customer with workshops at home and/or abroad. We follow the Harts Coherence Method to attune the people of the company to the higher goal of the company.


The preparation of the trajectory, the time span and the price will be mutually agreed on beforehand.

You can request more information or a quote without obligations using the form below.

If you want to be coached individually and professionally as a company manager , make an appointment via the online agenda, 

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