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New Moon ceremony for men and woman

Our moon ceremonies can also be followed online. 

In the warm womb of the earth goddess we come together. Men and women in equality, vulnerability and sincerity. We breathe and drum to the same rhythm and connect with the invisible world of spirit. 

Each moon offers us a different andenergy that we take and take home for a whole month. 


Nurtured, cradled and with a grateful heart, we feed on new ideas, plans, insights and love.  

Nieuwe Maan Ceremonie

Nieuwe Maan Ceremonie

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New Moon Ceremony

New Moon Ceremony

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Where: Butterfly Circles, Geerstkouter 18, 1730 Asbeek

What are you bringing: warm clothes, blanket, pillow, something nice to share after the hut.

Price:22 euros

Dates: look at 'agenda'

O'clock: 8pm to 9:30pm

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