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Online Zoom Recording: Priestess training
Priestess Training start 22 May 2023

A priestess in heart and soul

This is a training in which you take a position in spiritual leadership and where you can start your own groups in a safe way. You will learn how to open spiritual fields to do rituals or ceremonies. There are different rituals with other applications such as: marriage, death, birth and transition rituals. We learn to shapeshift and discover different dimensions. You can also use this training to practice magic to, for example:

- Protect or clean houses.
- Freeing stuck spirits to the light.
- To attract prosperity.
- Guide dying people to the light.
- Welcome babies to this dimension.
- Talk to spirits, ancestors and nature spirits.

Do you feel connected to the forces of nature and do you want to fully immerse yourself in the mystical world of Avalon; magic, ceremonies, rituals, divination, then this year course is absolutely made for you.

Here you learn to heal in different ways with your hands or voice. … and much more.

3 x 7-day live week

First week: Virgo


✓ Virgo and Girl (inner child healing - birth rights - rebirth )

✓ 13 Moon Goddesses (which archetypes are we and which ones can we welcome)  

✓ Altar (learn to practice your priesthood)

✓ Mirrors and Shadows  (what do you repel and what do you attract)

✓ Energetic body (cleaning your energetic body, securing it and bringing it into higher vibrations)  

  ✓ The basic principles of spirituality (the laws of nature, medicine wheel and elements)  


Second week: Woman


✓ Lady (reclaiming femininity in all its aspects)

✓ Relationships (how do you relate to yourself and others)

✓ Chakras and Healing (chakra reading and healing)

✓ Sing and sound (use your voice as medicine and as a carrier of magic)

✓ Dancing and Yoga  (your body is your temple)  

✓ Magic tools (laying cards, working with a pendulum, channelling)  


Third week: Crone


✓ Wise woman (integrating the wisdom to stand in our leadership)  

✓ Celtic holidays (the goddesses and their rituals on these days)

✓ Rituals and enchantments (rituals to energetically clean houses, handfasting, births, transitions)

✓ Spirits (the invisible ones, guides, ancestors and power animals)

✓ Dimensions (navigating safely in the different dimensions)  

✓ Ceremonial leadership (take up your leadership and start your own circles )

Practical information:

Where: Butterfly Circles, Geerstkouter 18, 1730 Asbeek

What to bring: warm clothes, blanket and yoga mat, pillow,

slippers, towel, packed lunch

Dates 2023: Week 1 - 22 t.e.m. May 27, 2023 ~ Week 2 - 25 to September 30, 2023 ~ Week 3 - 20 to November 25, 2023. Always from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Price: 3630 euros incl. VAT for the annual training of 3 modules.

Light soup lunch included - Overnight accommodation not included. In case of payment difficulties, payment in installments is also possible.

Extra: For places to stay in the area, send an email to Payment in installments is possible.

Registration: Send an email to to register.


Your registration is confirmed by transferring an advance of 300 euros to the account number Butterfly Abundance: IBAN BE53 4526 1513 9153 - BIC-SWIFT: KREDBEBB State your "Full name + Annual Training Priestesses 2023"

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