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Ethnic Dance Ceremony

Guidance by Iris Pattyn - Musical dance journey with Sunra Project

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Ethnic Dance Ceremony

With the Ethnic Dance Ceremony, Iris & Dimitri will bring over 40 years of experience in dance and sound together in a brand new concept. We would like to take you on a musical dance journey with more attention for Sacred Space and Ceremony. A safe setting where the use of dance and voice flow together harmoniously. 

Opening circle with Iris Pattyn. Accompanied warming up of the voice and body.
We open the ceremony in one group intention
. (in line with energetic and astrological events)

The musical dance journey will be guided by Dj Mantradeli and his new Sunra Project. Iris brings us live channeled chants in flow with the energy of the group.
We end in silence and come back together in one big circle to close the ceremony.

When: April 6, May 5, June 18, 2023
8:00 PM to 10:00 PM 

Where: Dox Studio, Dok Noord 7-107, 9000 Ghent (1st floor)

Prices: 20 euros cash at the entrance



This is Iris

Initiator of Butterfly Circles, an organization specialized in spiritual awareness-expanding workshops at home and abroad.

Iris has a practice in Asbeek where she receives clients daily to give them tailor-made therapy.
She is also a Spiritual Ceremonial Leader in Native American Healing Arts.

After her studies KASK photography & film, Iris Pattyn worked for many years as a sound engineer on various film sets, including those of 'Karakter', the Oscar winning Dutch film by Mike Van Diem.

As a result of that experience, she became increasingly engrossed in the different levels and timbres of the human voice.

It became her passion to learn to listen beyond the audible.

To this end she studied the rituals of earthbound peoples and took part in various ceremonies which included song and dance. The grandmothers asked her regularly to come over to exchange and from them shelearned different forms of rituals and feminine healing methods.  She has stayed in Native American communities in the US as well as in South America. She found the voices of these peoples to be harmonious and pure, and their overtones  much more audible in their sacred songs and spoken language than in other cultures.

Based on 20 years of research into the 'secret knowledge' and applicable techniques of a whole range of philosophical trends (of shamans, but also of monks, dance and voice healers, etc.) she has been supporting people in their search for their own harmony for a long time. A Soundhealer and Priestess,  it is her passion to help and support people on their life path, with her very 'grounded' approach.

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This is Dimitri

Dimitri is co-founder of Ecstatic Dance Belgium where he has accompanied more than hundreds of Ecstatic Dance sessions in Europe since 2016. In that time he shared his music journey's as DJ Mantradeli.

After a deep inner process, his new music project Sunra Project was born. Own music production with ethnic origin. Ecstatic djembe rhythms, tribal beats, didgeridoo, native american flutes and so much more.

You can hear his music at:

Iris & Dimitri are together in the Ishtatara music project where ethnic rhythms merge with channeled chants.

On our evenings we bring our own songs, live sounds and chants. Different rhythms in tune with the energy of the dancers. In a sacred and ceremonial way.

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