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Amazon Shipibo Maestros-Healers


Doña Maria and Don Elmer
3 and 4 december 2022 at Butterfly Circles

"The era to balance our female and male energy has begun"

In the wonderful ‘green’ world where this beautiful couple lives,
nature and its sacred Amazonian spirits are truly everything, including the
mystical Gods who blessed their sacred union as wife and husband as well as Maestros


Doña María and Don Elmer (son of the extraordinary “Mama Selmira”) are Maestros healers from the
Amazonian "Shipibo" Nation. They are making their first ever journey out of the Amazon and their

mission is to help our PachaMama and her children enter into better balance.

They will lovingly share the deep ceremonies and healing sessions they were taught by their
ancestors as their sing the Ikaros they received from their sacred Spirits and will work with the forces

of nature and the healing elements they were given by Mother Amazon.

During their journey around Europe, Doña Maria and Don Elmer will lovingly open a day for private healing

sessions, traditional Shipibo ceremonies as well a 2-day seminar where they share their Amazon wisdom


Day 1: The Astral Journey - 3 dec 10u00 till 17u00

According to the Amazon Shipibo Maestros the impurity of our Astral Level can directly influence our traumas, and this is reflected in our character, feelings, emotions and actions and can often lead to a negative chain of fear,
feelings of rejection, guilt, anger and specially to dis-ease.

In this Ceremonial Workshop both and as a couple Doña Maria and Don Elmer will share the essence of the Shipibo wisdom, teachings on the purification of the Astral Body.

It will be a day filled with healing through their Ikaros (sacred songs). As they smoke their ceremonial Pipes with the healing Tobacco-Mapacho, they will also paint some small parts of the front-faces or Chests of the participants, using a natural paint made out of fruits which has been used by the Amazonian natives for thousands of years and which allows us to enter in a wonderful state of harmonious spiritual restoration both with nature and with the universe that surrounds us. This is a non-permanent, temporary "paint".

(Participants can decide between being painted with natural paints that last only a few hours and another that can last up to 7 days and erase in a natural way)

There will be also a time for group cleansing dances under the guidance of the ceremonial songs of this beautiful Couple from the Amazon.


Day 2: The Spiritual Path - 4 dec 10u00 till 17u00

The Spiritual Level is one of the most sensitive areas of our energetic body, and at the same time

the key centre to our life force energy.

According to the Amazonian healers, it's the solar plexus where this gate is located, and for that reason they concentrate all their healing in this sensitive and beautiful area. It is here we can do a deep healing and cleansing to rid of any blockages we may have.


Doña Maria and Don Elmer will dedicate this day to performing a deep cleansing of our life energy through a ceremonial painting ritual on the solar plexus. The mysterious designs they paint will start to appear gradually on the skin helping spirit to bring our masculine and feminine energies into balance.

They will also use their Ceremonial Pipes with the sacred Mapacho-Wild Tobacco for this purpose.
Ancient, Ikaros will be also sang during the whole process to bring protection to this holy area, and then
enter in harmony with ourselves and especially with the spirits of nature and all their wisdom.
This is a non-permanent, temporary "paint" made our of fruits from the Amazon.

Video Shipibo weekend - Dutch

Amazon Shipibo Maestros-Healers komen naar Butterfly Circles
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