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Lakota Grandmothers from South Dakota 


Barbara Dull Knife and Dellmarie Dull Knife Bradfield 
2 Sisters - Lakota Grandmothers 

These 2 wise sisters, grandmothers and daughters of a well-known Chief Dull Knife are in Belgium for the first time. 

In 2014 they traveled to Rome together with the Indiginous Grandmothers where they were received by the Pope. 

What can we learn from these Indian Elders and their spirituality? 


The basis of their vision of life is "Mitakuye Oyasin" in the Sioux language: we are all connected to everything that lives around us. 

When they pronounce it, they make the connection with the invisible and visible world. They realize that everything we do has an effect on the rest of the world. Everything is connected, even if you no longer see or feel it in our Western mentality. Spirituality is a way of life that you practice every day, like you eat or sleep every day. 


We know the Indians as a dying race who were banished to the reservations and exterminated. But Indians are more resilient than ever and are coming back to the fore as we need them to refresh our lost wisdom. 

We in the west have lost our authentic Celtic roots for years and people here are only now starting to realize that these traditional wisdoms have a lot of value in restoring our balance. 

Ceremonies are aimed at strengthening or restoring balance, and showing respect and gratitude.


We start at 2 pm @ Butterfly Circles in  Asse and end around 8 pm. 

Ceremony, chants, stories and Q&A wisdom  are intertwined. 


Contribution: 80 euro 

All income goes to the charity: 

"Gather Our Children Home"  is a single and unique warm nest where babies, children of

the poorest Pine Ridge Indian Reservation get love, shelter, food and education in their own culture? 

This House was founded 10 years ago under the leadership of Barbara Dullknife and is still being expanded with the necessary grants and donations. 


When: 2nd of April , 2023 at 2 p.m. to 8 p.m

Where :Butterfly Circles, Geertskouter 18 in 1730 Asse

Let us know if you're coming

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Both Lakota sisters were born of a strong Lakota lineage. They are both descendants of the famous Chief Dullknife (This can be compared to our royal family- but then spiritual instead ) They are imbued with the lakota wisdom and have grown up with earthly values. The Pine Ridge Reservation was their home front and like every child in that time they were forced by the white man into boarding schools. They are both on an earthly mission to work with children and youth in various capacities of 50 plus years. 

Barbara Dullknife

Barbara who is the eldest sister has spent her entire career working in a large law firm and on the day of her retirement she opened the first native shelter for the wellbeing and safety of children to preserve the native Lakota culture. She ’s the Oglala District Representative for the Oglala Sioux Tribe and founder CEO of “Gather Our Children Home”. In 2014 she and the indigenous grandmothers were invited to meet the Pope in Rome.



Dellmarie was a police officer and became later on a Youth Advocate. Currently she’s doing consultant work on Native culture and language. She is a Native beadwork and crafts artist as well.

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