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Priestesses trip Crete 2021

date unknown

In Crete there are temples that still resonate with the feminine harmonic Harmonies of Lemuria and Atlantis.


Many temples are under the water because the water holds the resonance by the dolphins and whales that still live there with their higher frequency and love. We are about to take in these old but also new vibrations for us and carry and carry them from now on.  

We can now pick up the thread again to feed the temples back with our presence and to honor and involve the Goddesses in everything we do on Earth. Most women among us feel this urge to feel the feminine flow of creation again and to walk the dimensions through the ancient Temples to create beauty here on Earth in the new consciousness.

Our talents come together one by one in this journey to go back to what we once built over lifetimes.

In Greece and Egypt, these energies flow back around these temples. The water of our oceans is already completely impregnated with this renewed vibration.  

Our time has come to be free to be who we are and to do what we are here for. 

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Practical info and prices will follow later

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