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Secret Destiny Traveling

"We don't take a journey, it's the journey that makes us…"

May 30 to June 8, 2022

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This journey is for the spiritually adventurous daredevils who want to be immersed in the NOW moment and who will experience one moment after another. We disconnect from a goal. The journey will unravel the activities and destination as we walk singing, laughing and relaxing along the way.  


This Voyage offers you an immersion in natural forces where you taste the elements: ocean, virgin beaches, plateaus, forests, moors. You will feel the power and magic of Neolithic sites from the depths of time vibrating on distant ancestors, sometimes posted at the gates of the ocean… Your body will tremble after an ecstatic dance around a large campfire at the edge of an ocean. Your taste buds will be thankful for the local dishes after a fixe walking tour.  


This journey offers you the opportunity to dissolve yourself from the old patterns and your new self  to meet in humility,

simplicity and full presence. 

This journey offers you the opportunity to create your new self in the support of a beautiful group of 7 people.  





As a sound engineer in her "first life", Iris met many indigenous peoples, medicine women and men (shamans) who still drank from the well of the ancient people.  You will soon notice her great love for primordial sounds, mantras and chants during this journey. 

She has been an international sound healing teacher and spiritual guide for over 18 years now. Traveling with Iris quickly feels like being part of a big family.  


Yannick GOOSSE

Passionate about travel, special encounters and magnetized by "natural open space", "drinker of the open sea", Yannick has been organizing trips for almost 30 years on less trodden paths, often remote, in a warm encounter with the people who live there, there where the elements still dwell, where nature vibrates in her extraordinary power and beauty.



When : from May 30 to June 8, 2022

Where : secret destination 

For whom: For people in good health and with the physical ability to walk for 2 to 4 hours at a leisurely pace on certain days.  

  For people who like to be spiritually active and who like to connect in one big loving family. 

Price : to be determined  



Accommodation with half board (based on double rooms)

All transfers 

All entrance fees 

Professional support from Iris and Yannick 

VAT and administration costs  


Exclusive :

Lunch and drinks 

Round-trip transportation from home to one meeting point in Belgium 

Cancellation and assistance insurance. 

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