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Sound Healing Day

SOUND HEALING to balance yourself.


Each time with a different subject to reflect the energy we are in at the time.

Sonic Yoga
Ecstatic Body Postures
Sound Healing
Shamanic voice
Music Therapy

No singing experience is necessary to follow these days.

Each of us has a unique voice and this sound is connected with our individuality, with who we are.

The more we learn about our own voice, the more we experience who we are and what we want.

Our voice can transform us and has the power to balance us.


These sound healing days are an opportunity to free your voice and use it as a powerful tool to heal yourself.

We live in very special times, where mankind is about to rewrite their future. One of the newest domains in healing and transformation of the consciousness is the use of sound. Rediscovery of ancient techniques combined with modern scientific research forms the basis of this method.

Sound healing is a certain way of singing or sounding where you can feel the primal sound in yourself in connection with other people.

For centuries, traditional healers from different corners of the world have worked with their voices to bring balance. More and more this is being reintroduced here in the West.

During these workshops you will explore the power of your own voice and feel what your voice can mean in a group.

By connecting together in an a-logical atmosphere of sounds, we soon lose our ego that often limits us.

Also, time and space can be constraints.


We feel and hear unity and gain access to different dimensions of the universe.

It is a spiritual and consciousness expanding experience that offers us new opportunities.

For more than 20 years I have sung with the most diverse tribes and singing companies all over the world, where I surrendered myself to the great life stream or source of life.

These workshops are for an intimate group to delve into the universe of sound.

Soundhealing dag

Soundhealing dag

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Soundhealing Day

Soundhealing Day

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Where : Butterfly Circles, Geertskouter 18, 1730 Asbeek

What to bring : pillow, blanket and lunch to share

Price:  60 euros per day

Dates in 2023:  To be announced

Time:  10.00 -15.00