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Community weekend 2021

25, 26 and 27 June 2021 in the Ardennes 

Power of the Ardennes

In the wooded area of the Ardennes hangs a mist of mysteries with numerous figures such as Arduina (the Goddess) and

Maugis (Merlin's wizard counterpart) wandering through the forest.

The Ardennes forest, which is shielded from outside influences, managed to retain its mysteries and powers.

Our ceremonies take place within beautiful Celtic grounds that were inhabited between the 8th and

6th century BC and where the peoples lived in contact with the abundant and protective nature they called Arduinna. The origin and meaning of the word (deep, lofty, black) is related to the Celtic hunting goddess Arduinna, who, riding a wild boar, was the patroness of the forest.

The Celtic culture gave the Ardennes a magical and enchanting atmosphere , with druids, fairies, elves, gnomes and

the typical Ardennes goblins “nutons”.

What can you personally get out of such a weekend?

You can gain insights into your own life situation, the purpose in your life, your talents , the path you walked in the past and

the future paths that are possible for you.

It can give you insights regarding relatives or deceased.

It can connect you with ancestors that you may not even have known about and may or may not have heard of.
The movement and fresh air in the Ardennes will make you feel your physical body more and

through the dance and the singing you will move your emotions.

The ceremonies ensure that you purify, care for and also connect your spiritual body with different dimensions in a safe way to give yourself back the sparkle of life.  

The topics that will be discussed this summer weekend?  

This weekend is all about the Galactic Federation and the Spirit Guides. 

We are completely absorbed in ecstasy and expression in order to boost our community in all its aspects.  

This will be one big family celebration with campfires, cathedral singing sessions and source experience. Be sure to bring your musical instruments!!!



The ingredients of the weekend are:

✓ Ceremonies

  ✓ Sound healing
✓ Dancing
✓ Hiking in nature

✓ Lineups
✓ Source experience 
✓Connecting with new spiritual beings and guides of the new earth
✓ Enjoy and relax
✓ Good food and fun

Practical information:

What do you bring?:
Sheets, duvets and toiletries with towels.
own mat and blanket with large plastic bag to work outside
Your Medicine Wheel and Sacred Objects (for people of previous years only)
Good walking shoes and outdoor clothing.

Musical instruments.

Price: 350 euros all in (workshops – food & drinks – overnight stay)
Date: 25 to 27 June (from Friday 25 June 6 pm to Sunday 27 June 5 pm)
Location: Avioth (fr.Ardennes)

You can register via the 'tickets' button:

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