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Online Trainings

Welcoming Spirituality into your daily life

upcoming in 2023...

What does the word spirituality mean and how can I integrate it in a meaningful way in my daily life?

This 4-day course is an immersion in basic principles, resources and methods.  


What do you get?  


An overview of how you can work spiritually in your own personal context of life and work.

A spiritual surprise box

Explanation about what happens when our loved ones die, and how we can relate to their energy.

How to best meditate and what to get out of that.

Discover your power animal

Make your own altar

Learn to use a pendulum and to channel.  ​

Learn about minerals and crystals and how to use them to amplify your own energy or the energy of the spaces you are in.

How to feel your chakras and how to strengthen them.  

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Spiritual Starter Lab

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