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Spiritual Journey Egypt 2021


A journey through the ancient Sounds/Silences of temples, pyramids and desert.  


We travel in a spiritual way through the wonderful worlds of Gods and Goddesses, pharaohs and Bedouins.

Temples, Sinai Desert and the Nile.

Camels will rock you through the sandy plains beyond civilization to arrive at places where the spirits of the Silence and stars still live. We sleep together with the natives (Bedouins) in their tents or under the naked sky. We wake up to the rising sun in the smell of freshly baked bread and coffee. Our day starts with a mantra and ends with traditional dance and drumming. 

After the desert chapter, we get ready to discover our distant ancestral  gods and goddesses to visit in their pyramids and temples.  

Be welcome to join this “Spirit journey into the mysteries of the old land of the Gods and Goddesses”.

A varied journey where we honor and sing about the temples, where we travel via camels through the desert, we sing and dance in the moonlight accompanied by our Desert Musicians.

Practical :

There are two separate trips:

1st for all:

During this journey you will be immersed in the mystique of Egypt. A journey through different colours, sounds and smells to take back your own spiritual thread of who you were and are.  

2nd for the Sound Healing graduates:

This is a specialized journey where we focus on the sacred sounds of Egypt and

where we work together with the Spirit of Sound. 

Egypt is the cradle of Soundhealing with its beautiful Sound Temples and Sound Beings: the Hators.

We make circles within the great Thoth and Sekmet circles and are met by the Sphinx and her guards.

Dates and price not yet known. 

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